Bible Study

We meet in the chapel at 6pm every Tuesday evening.

All welcome.

We are currently looking at 100 Essential Christian readings.


Our usual format;

We start with a prayer.

This is followed by a DVD or prepared book study or minister generated study. There are questions leading to lively discussion. No-one is obliged to say anything but everyone who does is listened to in love. We end with prayers for our community, for issues raised during the evening's discussion, for our wider world and for each other..

We have previously looked at several DVDs.

"Living Distinctively” …the issues of life through different eyes.

DVD's by Geoff Lucas. Books of the Bible.

We have also followed various bible study books (Lifebuilder bible studies, Spring Harvest bible studies, Nick Fawcett and David Adam to name a few) – new suggestions are always welcome.