There may be hate and war in the world and authorities may be putting up walls BUT equally people are coming together from all backgrounds, faiths and beliefs to help those in need. God's love is for all and does not recognise man's barriers.

For several weeks now we have been collecting clothes, crockery, bedding and everyday essentials to send to those in great need in refugee camps

We have asked Ruhi, our contact, if she could come to one of our coffee mornings to chat with us and show us stuff about the work she does with refugees and she said she would love to. Watch this space for more details...

Here are some photos taken when we loaded the van to go to the Salvation Army in Berwick, the start of the journey to Syria. Many thanks to Robson and Cowan for loaning their van and giving their time to enable us to do this.

Message from Ruhi ..."Big Thank You to Scots Gap Methodist Church who collected a van full of aid for Syria and drove it up to our friends at The Salvation Army in Berwick who will then be driving an even bigger North East wide collection in conjunction with Refugee Biriyani & Bananas and Northumberland County of Sanctuary down to our brothers and sisters at Al Fatiha Global to send in a container to Syria!"